Create: Interactive

Create x Valkyrien Skies

What am I looking at?

Create: Interactive adds interactive contraptions, enhanced Create contraptions that allow for building on existing contraptions, stacked contraptions, train derailment and more!

Let's get stackin'!

Using the two kinds of Propagator Bearing, you can easily power things on TOP of things!

Going off the rails!

Trains can now derail, flying off the track- and, they can crash into each other, sending each other spiraling off their course!

Trains also have no size limit!

Check out these great videos!

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How is Interactive different than Clockwork?

Interactive adds interactive contraptions, an enhanced version of the default Create contraption. It also adds the Propagator Bearing which allows transferring rotation new to sub-contraptions, and the Train Buffer Stop to prevent trains from derailing when hitting the end of tracks. Unlike Clockwork, Interactive does not add physics, and Interactive contraptions cannot be pushed by other objects. 

Do interactive contraptions support contraption actors? 


Can I use block entities from other mods on interactive contraptions? 


Can interactive contraptions collide with the world? 

No. To maximize compatibility, interactive contraptions will not collide with the world. 

Can Valkyrien Skies ships collide with interactive contraptions? 

Interactive contraptions can push ships, but ships cannot push interactive contraptions.