Valkyrien Skies is the library mod that adds high performance physics to Minecraft. Many addons in addition to Eureka are already in development, which will all use the physics that Valkyrien Skies provides in different ways.

A list including more early-access and community-maintained addons is available on our wiki.

Eureka is a simple addon for Valkyrien Skies that fits with vanilla aesthetic and is easy and fun to use.

Build and design your own ship out of ordinary (or modded!) Minecraft blocks, place a Ship Helm, shift + right-click, assemble, and watch your creation suddenly infuse with physics. No longer are your Minecraft builds bound to remain forever static, sitting in the same place for all eternity.

Clockwork: Create x Valkyrien Skies is a sophisticated addon that combines the machinery of Create with the moving physics and moving blocks of Valkyrien Skies

Clockwork is in ALPHA and may have bugs. Back up your world.

Create: Interactive adds interactive contraptions, enhanced Create contraptions powered by Interactive that support block entities, breaking and placing blocks while in motion, improved player/entity collision, and one-way collision with Valkyrien Skies ships. By default, Interactive automatically converts all new Create contraptions to interactive contraptions.

Kontraption is a Mekanism addon that utilizes Valkyrien Skies to let players create airships.