Valkyrien Skies

Blocks that move. Blocks that scale. Blocks with physics. Mini ships. Huge ships.

With Valkyrien Skies, not even the sky is a limit.

Everything Collides

Ship to ship. Ship to world. Ship to player. Ship to entities. Valkyrien Skies integrates seamless into vanilla.


You betcha. If your ship is light enough, it floats!

Oh, right. It also supports Create

Your favorite Create machines just got mobile! And this is just the first of many integrations for many popular mods to come.

And your favorite shaders!

Optifine, Sodium, Iris, Rubidium, Oculus - you name it, we support it.

Pictured: Complementary Shaders with Sodium+Iris


Get started with an Archimedes'-inspired add-on with simple but elegant blocks with a vanilla aesthetic.